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Cyber Cafe Software could also be a free Internet café management program that’s designed in such the way to act as a security app and a few extent of sale. there’ll be no charge for any feature of this software. […]

Cyber Cafe Software could also be a free Internet café management program that’s designed in such the way to act as a security app and a few extent of sale. there’ll be no charge for any feature of this software. CyberCafePro Internet cafe software is true for your Internet café, cyber café, library, civic center with computers and for any business of this sort .

This software comes with a multi-language capability. you’ll find you that the setup wizard works smoothly.
This tool includes a client application launchpad. It also includes an auto-updater and 24/7 online reporting. It comes with employee control features also like tracking, templates, point-by-point permissions, employee permission cloning, and employee clock . The software comes with prepaid pricing structures and full customer information profiles.

There are also no charge options available also . you’ll enjoy single or multiple computer pricing groups and scheduled pricing. CyberCafePro Internet cafe software includes gaming center features also .
There are also customer control and communication features like enabling and disabling Internet access, enabling and disabling Windows desktop and more.

The MyCyberCafe billing software is that the perfect tool for managing your Internet café, hotels or gaming café, and gaming centers.In the user account overview, you’ll be able to create a replacement user account, and you’ll also edit and delete an existing account. It shows statistical information about the cash sales, login reports and session transactions.

Internet Cafe Software for Every Business
Ultra Power Games assist internet cafe owners in monitoring, securing, and developing their businesses’ operations. Whether you have a cyber cafe, gaming, or eSports center, our internet cafe software will ease the management process and help your business grow.

Our software gives high-level flexibility and customization opportunities to users. Restricting access to folders, or desktop requires only a few taps in our system. It takes a little time for business owners to control and bill their clients for using the internet services, playing games, utilizing Office applications, or purchasing the products sold in the cafe.

Windows Support
Regardless of the PC you own in the cafe, our software is compatible with multiple Windows operating systems, from Windows 7 to 10. In this way, you do not need to change your hardware to benefit from our solutions.

Server-Client System
Our online casino software includes multiple client computers and a server to control the actions in these devices. It also has a Wi-Fi control solution. Depending on the business size, we can scale up or down the software. Additionally, we ensure the security of your system by restricting users from accessing sensitive data in local drives or using several keys, such as Ctrl+Alt+Del.

Flexibility In Pricing
It is up to business owners to decide how they will charge their clients. Our internet cafe software supports payment per minute or any other period. We also enable owners to provide discounts to motivate users to keep enjoying their cafes.

User Accounts
Internet cafe owners can stimulate the purchase in their businesses through allowing users to create accounts. Clients can refill these accounts and use the vouchers within the framework of limits, expiry dates, etc. They can even increase max data transfer quota by getting a premium account.

Staff Management
Internet cafe management involves not only control over clients, but also on employees. We created several access levels to ensure that people who lack permission cannot get the sensitive information. Owners can limit their staff to access user accounts, statistics, or engage in fraudulent activities. Our internet cafe software provides an admin, manager, or cashier level of access to empower users in their tasks while stopping them from accessing data without permission.

Cafe owners can also view the log in times of employees and their actions on the system. This feature enables them to keep track of their staff operations and monitor their activities whenever they want.

Remote Control
Cyber Cafe owners can monitor all operations in their businesses whenever and wherever they want. Besides controlling suspicious client actions, you can help them or change application configurations remotely.

The Ultra Power Games provides a language module that satisfies business owners’ needs in software usage. We deliver a multilingual system which can be translated into different languages based on your needs.

Our users can choose one of the pre-designed layouts for their internet cafe software. Additionally, you can opt for customized themes with brand colors and logo to give it a more branded look.

Our cyber cafe software offers many configurations to users. You can change the features of applications in client computers or put screenshots and explain the programs for the users. Categorizing games into folders is also helpful for navigation.

How Do We Ensure Complete Control?
Ultra Power Games developers created multiple features for internet cafe software by considering the wants of business owners. In this way, we can cater your needs, regardless of the business size or specifications. Also, our software developers can customize the internet cafe solutions based on unique requests.

Easily Manage User Accounts
Creating user accounts takes a little time in our software. Business owners and managers can create these accounts individually or save time with our bulk generation feature. Plus, they can print multiple accounts on paper by customizing the layout or adding the logo. In this way, business owners can attract clients by cutting this paper into several tickets. You can sell these tickets to your cafe or a nearby kiosk.

Printer Management
We created a printer management function that satisfies the needs of both the business owners and the clients. When a customer wants to print any document, our cyber cafe software requires a confirmation. The confirmation is in the form of pop-ups, and it shows details of the request, such as the number of pages and total cost. Only after the customer confirms the request, the material is printed. Meanwhile, the fee is added to billing in the form of money or time deduction from the client.

Reporting and Analytics
Do you want to be well-aware of the performance of your internet cafe? With our internet cafe software, keeping track of your business’ actions is an easy piece of cake. Our development team added a ‘Reporting and Analytics’ function to the software with a user-friendly interface. This function provides information such as top-performing hours, best customers, best selling retail items like beverages, most preferred payment methods, etc. These statistics facilitate decision-making processes in the business. For example, by rewarding best customers, they can ensure high retention, while providing discounts on low-performing hours will generate more revenue.

Worried About Wi-Fi customers?
With our internet cafe software, controlling Wi-Fi customers is easier than ever. Our software allows business owners to monitor the actions and bill these clients for their internet usage. We deliver these benefits without requiring any installation to the client’s software. Instead, users need to input valid username and password to get access to your internet.

Acquire Customers
By offering free Wi-Fi services, online casino owners can get new customers to their businesses. Yet, you can limit free Wi-Fi users’ actions based on the period, the number of logins or schedule. While providing free services, you can get the client information, such as email, gender, birthday, or phone, to add them into your marketing activities. In this way, business owners can turn newcomers into clients that keep coming back for more.

Promoting Business
Our internet cafe software not only helps with the management, but also increases the popularity of your business. By placing Display ads on the user interface, you can market your internet cafe. Business owners can increase the demand for their retail products, such as drinks and snacks, with these ads. Plus, you can provide marketing services to partners and generate an additional source of revenue.

Attract new customers
Control Cafe Staff
Monitor User Access
Increase gamer retention
Analyze Business Performance
Increase Profits
How to Start?
If you want to get cyber cafe software, contact us now. Our friendly experts will listen to your needs and start working on your request immediately. By installing the server part of the software on the main computer and client software to other PCs in your network, our internet cafe software will be ready to use. Even after the installation, we will provide 24/7 customer service!


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