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Every year, somewhere in the range of 800 and 1,000 volunteers of any age get together at different areas around Lake Wylie to gather and expel huge amounts of refuse from the Lake in one day. Starting in 2002, a […]

Every year, somewhere in the range of 800 and 1,000 volunteers of any age get together at different areas around Lake Wylie to gather and expel huge amounts of refuse from the Lake in one day. Starting in 2002, a committed and enthusiastic gathering of volunteers on Lake Wylie began the Lake Wylie Riversweeps and along these lines started the ‘Riversweep Convention” on the Catawba Waterway.

This is an extraordinary open door for people, gatherings, and families to tidy up the waterway and have a great deal of fun. First-time volunteers can hope to meet inhabitants from all around Lake Wylie who share similar worries about keeping up a solid lake condition. They can depend on getting somewhat messy, yet subsequent to gathering up litter throughout the morning they will appreciate realizing that they have had any kind of effect in thinking about the lake and the nearby condition.

The most significant thing for new volunteers to know is that it’s anything but difficult to come and help out for a couple of hours, meet similar individuals, and make some extraordinary memories. Regardless of whether individuals have restricted physical capacity, there are numerous undertakings around each volunteer site that need staffing. With volunteer locales found all around the lake, it is anything but difficult to pick one that is generally helpful for you.

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